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Our Mission

REACH offers geriatrics educational resources for healthcare professionals and trainees, community lay persons, older adults, and their care partners.

About Us

REACH aims to educate those that come to our website or connect with our programs about aging-related healthcare and social topics. We want to empower people with educational resources and raise awareness about available programs and services that support us as we age. Materials developed under REACH have been developed by the Department of Geriatrics’ faculty and staff at the Florida State University College of Medicine as well as our colleagues at other FSU departments and colleges, community partners who are dedicated to improving the care of the older adult population, as well as older adults themselves. We also link to other online information from national, state, and community organizations to provide a comprehensive view of available educational and supportive resources from trusted sources. Our products are intended to incorporate geriatric care best practices into easy-to-understand materials that anyone can use. Materials are intended to be used freely and shared widely. Read more about who we are.

Older Adults

Learn more about common healthcare topics that affect older adults and how to improve the healthcare you receive as an older adult patient.

Care Partners

Learn more about community and
web-based resources designed to help with unique issues faced by those caring for a friend or family member.


Learn more about resources and trainings that can help improve healthcare for older adult patients.