About Us

About Us

Materials developed under REACH have been developed by the Department of Geriatrics’ faculty and staff at the Florida State University College of Medicine as well as our colleagues at other FSU departments and colleges, community partners who are dedicated to improving the care of the older adult population, as well as older adults themselves. We also link to other online resources from national, state, and community organizations to provide a comprehensive view of available educational resources from trusted sources.


Currently, REACH is funded by the Health Resources and Services Administration through the North and Central Florida Geriatrics Workforce Enhancement Partnership – a cooperative agreement (Grant number: U1QHP28709) that aims to develop a healthcare workforce that maximizes patient and family engagement and improves health outcomes for older adults by integrating geriatrics with primary care.

  • The North and Central Florida Geriatrics Workforce Enhancement Partnership (NCF-GWEP)

The NCF-GWEP has been funded since 2015. This partnership of community, state, and national organizations specifically focuses on developing age-friendly health systems and dementia-friendly communities by training the geriatrics workforce and community to better meet the needs of older adults. Currently, we have five projects. You can download a summary of our work and projects or our training program overview.

  • The Department of Geriatrics at Florida State University College of Medicine

At the Florida State University College of Medicine, we have a unique and legislatively mandated mission to educate and develop exemplary physicians who practice patient-centered health care, discover and advance knowledge, and are responsive to community needs, especially through service to elder, rural, minority, and underserved populations. REACH expands upon this mission to offer educational materials and resources to the older adult community and those that care for them.

Our Audience

On our website, you can find information for older adults, healthcare providers, care partners, and healthcare trainees. REACH materials can be used by a wide variety of professionals, including social workers, nurses, physicians, physician assistants, pharmacists, healthcare administrators, and other healthcare or mental health providers and staff who work in the field of aging. We have also developed resources for older adults, families, and care partners to help navigate their health and get connected to community supports and healthcare resources.

The 4Ms of Age-Friendly Health Systems

The materials and resources you will find here use the 4Ms Framework. The 4Ms Framework, developed by the John A. Hartford Foundation and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, incorporates four priority areas to improve care in healthcare organizations. These four areas include What Matters (healthcare that aligns with each patient’s goals), Medication, Mentation (mental, emotional, and brain health), and Mobility. By focusing on these areas, organizations can help older adults get the best care possible, reduce healthcare-related harms, increase older adult satisfaction with their health care, and improve value for all.